Manufacturing Excellence

Let us prove it.

Manufacturing Excellence

VƒD is a technology intensive manufacturer that enables the worlds leading companies to bring their products and services to market. Our business units are built upon a foundation of three core competencies.


Experience is VƒD’s first and foremost competency.  Our vision and depth, in may ways, is defined by our employees and their desire to achieve.  All of which promotes a culture of continuous improvement, trust and long term commitment within each business unit.


Technology is our second competency and is at the heart of everything we do.  VƒD values innovation throughout the organization, but no more so than on the shop floor.  Technology is the life blood of any manufacturing company that values reliability, quality, growth and competitive advantage on behalf of the customer.

Strategy is our final competency and is the merging of our experience and technology.  VƒD’s business strategy is essentially the “How-to” and execution portion of the business.  It creates the platform from which to share best practices and provides the essential guidelines for critical decision-making.

This is ultimately the value-creation our customers have come to rely upon and allows us to better serve the markets in which we participate.


VƒD's diverse business units each have unique capabilities and custom strategies devoted to the products and markets they serve.


VƒD is a go-to resource servicing many markets, and a quick look at the major customers that rely on VƒD’s products is astounding . From technology startups to Fortune 500 companies VƒD provides real value creation and trust which is built upon a foundation of quality, timeliness, cost effectiveness, collaboration, responsiveness, technology and experience


VƒD is grounded in engineering, design and of course, state-of-the-art process technology.  Below is a short list of generic capabilities, but the real value is in the depth and breadth of our experience in applying these technologies.  From automatic feeds to one and done machining, 5 axis capability to robotically fed lights-out manufacturing, acute tolerance control to high speed output, prototype to mass production across a broad range of metals and advanced materials.  Let us prove it.

CNC Machining


Plasma Spray


Powder coat

Swiss turning


Laser cutting


Injection Molding



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