VƒD Companies


UKM Transit Products is a major supplier to the passenger rail industry including; inner city, high speed rail, commuter rail, rapid transit, street car and trolly.  Our products and systems installations include thresholds, stairwells, cab and passenger doors, ramps, buffers, Traction First applications, housings and wide variety of assemblies and fabrications.


Wilsey Medical built its reputation in the area of implantable devices and particularly in the complex design segment of spinal implants.  Wilsey has a host of portfolio products supporting the major suppliers to this industry along with the surgical instruments which are vital to these procedures. This is an ever changing and evolving industry where Wilsey Medical has adapted and thrived in supporting their customers from concept to prototyping, through commercial launch and production.


Choice Precision is by far one the most advanced machining centers in the world and has grown over the years by servicing the automation industry with products supporting robotic arm end effectors for automotive, medical and biotech applications, housings for bottle and canning, takeaways and guides for paper processing and sorting.  Along with a strong position in aerospace, oil & gas and performance automotive markets, Choice can meet the toughest of tolerances in the most exacting of applications.